PHOENIX — One lucky pig is safe after a rescue in downtown Phoenix.

A Reddit user shot a picture of the lost piggy wandering around Roosevelt Street near Seventh Avenue with the caption, “Anybody lose their pig?”

He eventually made his way to the Lola Coffee Bar, where he stopped for a snack. 

Some employees helped wrangle the animal after spotting him. It was there that the lost pig earned a new and fitting nickname.

“They came here and they were like, ‘Oh, there are cops here and we are next to a coffee shop, so we are going to name him Cop-puccino,’” said a Lola Coffee Bar employee.  

The lost potbelly was then taken to the pig sanctuary, Better Piggies Rescue, which neutered little Cop-puccino and fixed tears in his ears.

He has now been reunited with his owners after photos of his great escape were posted online.