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Pollack Cinemas set for grand reopening in Tempe

Tempe movie theater reopening after 20 months with new renovations.

TEMPE, Ariz. — Pollack Cinemas in Tempe has been sitting quietly at the corner of Elliot Road and McClintock Drive for the past 20 months since the pandemic forced businesses to shut down.

Now, it’s set to open on Dec. 10.

“I’m just really excited to have people coming back and I’m excited to have people enjoy the experience,” said Michael Pollack.

Pollack and his team spent nearly two years renovating the six-screen cinema with new Hollywood exhibits including Victorian ceiling tiles and chandeliers with brand new seats and even holograms throughout the lobby and concessions.

Pollack said he also wanted to make the new experience as safe as possible.

“I had to change out all my restrooms. I wanted everything to be touchless. I had to come in and change out all my chairs because I wanted them to be the leather of material that’s easily cleaned,” said Pollack.

Some say the pandemic has changed the movie-goer experience as more releases are available through streaming services. Pollack disagrees. He said people still want that big-screen excitement.

“What our world is coming to is more and more experience. For me when I’m in a movie theater and there is a part where it’s exciting or where somebody goes ‘oh’ or see some people laughing. When you’re amongst people. You can experience those things together,” said Pollack.

Tickets are $3.50 and Pollack hopes that the experience will be enjoyable for families.

“From the time you walk into the front door until you sit in your seat. It’s going to be a unique experience,” said Pollack.

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