PHOENIX — A woman is accused of intentionally hitting her estranged husband with her car in Phoenix after an argument Saturday night.

Court documents show the Otilia Vargas ran over her husband’s leg as he walked on a sidewalk near 21st Avenue and Beardsley Road in Phoenix. The man was taken to a nearby hospital with a broken right ankle and left shoulder and bruising to his lungs.

Police said Vargas then continued driving when a witness confronted her. When the witness asked her if she hit the man with her car, Vargas reportedly said, “Damn straight I ran him over. No man puts hands on me.”

She then turned her car around and drove home, where police later arrested her.

Court documents said her husband denied any physical confrontation before she hit him with her car. Vargas invoked her right to remain silent and refused to speak with detectives.

Vargas is charged with aggravated assault.  

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