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Police convince pro-law enforcement individuals to leave during peaceful protest against police brutality

Police stood between the group protesting the death of George Floyd and another group supporting law enforcement, the Prescott Valley Police Department said.

PRESCOTT VALLEY, Ariz. — Editor's Note: The above video is focusing on the vandalism of Scottsdale Saturday night.

All eyes in the Valley were on Scottsdale and downtown Phoenix Saturday night when protests turned destructive in both areas.

However, these were not the only protests that happened in the Valley that night.

Over in Prescott Valley, police had to stand between two contentious groups in front of the city's police department. An estimated 150 people were involved in the protests in front of the building, the Prescott Valley Police Department said.

One group was protesting the "unreasonable force used by law enforcement throughout the country during various events and incidents including the George Floyd incident," police said. The other group was supporting law enforcement in general.

Officers had to act as a barrier as the arguments between the two groups became more heated, police said. Eventually, police convinced the pro-law enforcement group to leave the area and allow the other group to continue their peaceful protest.

The department also asked other enforcement partners for backup during the protests, police said. Officers from the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office and the Prescott Police Department responded.

Officers said that the group left peacefully around midnight without any reports of injuries or property damage, police said.

"Understand that we are not the same; each of us has different views and positions," the department said. "This is the beauty of a diverse and peaceful community. We respect your right to speak peacefully and want to thank you all for speaking your mind without causing concerns for others."

The mission of the Police Department is to protect life and property through innovative policing, community partnerships and professional law enforcement.


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