There's a new app taking over America’s smartphones: Pokémon Go.

Glued to their phone, people go on a a scavenger hunt to real life locations. Then a virtual character pops up.

The dark side is using Pokémon locations to rob gamers or playing in the car. While it can lead you or your kids to pretty scary places, that's not a given.

Jeanette Warren of Buckeye said it was Sunday morning when she and her granddaughter went to Sports Park in Buckeye.

They were looking for Pokémon.

Instead, she said, "I found a little boy that looked like he was pretty dehydrated."

She immediately called 911. Buckeye Police assisted the Buckeye Fire Department with a medical call at the park.

"We were able to get the fire department to him and basically save him from dehydration in the desert where no one would have seen him," Warren said.

She acknowledged that if people aren't paying attention, they could find themselves in a bad situation.

But when it comes to this case, "this is one of those situations where the game actually saved someone."