PHOENIX - Two planes at Sky Harbor International Airport clipped wings Thursday night, according to airport officials.

The incident happened shortly after 8 p.m. and airport spokeswoman Heather Lissner said via email there were no injuries.

The planes involved were a departing Frontier Airlines flight and an arriving Southwest Airlines flight from Oklahoma City.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson Ian Gregor said via email that the Frontier flight was pushing back from its gate headed to Denver. Lissner wrote that Frontier was bringing in another aircraft to accommodate passengers.

Southwest helped passengers with connecting flights, Lissner wrote.

A Frontier spokesperson wrote via email that there were 163 passengers and a crew of six on its plane, and Frontier was working to help customers with other flights.

Radio transmission of the conversation between the Sky Harbor tower and one of the planes moments after the collision:

Airport: Southwest 4182, what assistance do you need?
SW4182: We don’t need any assistance at the moment but, uh, we came in contact with that Frontier. We are on this, I mean, we were taxing on Charlie as instructed, we’re on this inner line here, so I’m not really quite sure how it happened.
Airport: Southwest 4182 do you need any medical assistance or emergency equipment? And can you taxi?
SW4182: We will be able to taxi, but I’m just going to need to assess the situation before we continue.
Airport: OK, Southwest 4182, roger, we’ll pass that onto the city and you can hold there and advise when you’re ready to continue.