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Phoenix woman's love revolution starts with heart-shaped sunglasses

The message is simple: Choose to see the world with love in your heart.

How would you like to be part of a revolution? A movement that embraces our similarities and focuses on love?

A Phoenix-area company just might be selling what you're looking for.

Tara Ijai was having a bad day a few months ago. Hoping to cheer her up, her brother sent her a picture of a guinea pig wearing heart-framed sunglasses.

"I decided I'm going to make a choice to choose to live," said Ijai.

That picture sparked an idea: If seeing that furry animal in heart-shaped sunglasses made her smile, why not do the same for others?

Ijai decided to pass out what she calls "love glasses" to dozens of people.

The message was simple: Choose to see the world with love in your heart.

The grassroots idea was a hit. There was just one problem.

"It's hard to finance love, so we decided to start selling them and make more available," said Ijai.

The money made goes back into the venture so more glasses can be passed out.

Ijai estimates she's sold about 1,000 glasses and given away more than that.

"It's really hard to be mad at someone wearing heart-shaped glasses,” said Ijai.

A Muslim-American, Ijai has experienced hate. She hopes people will only see love when wearing the sunglasses.

"I want to start a live glasses revolution," said Ijai.

Her husband, Adna Ijai, admitted the idea seemed cheesy at first but he has seen the power of a heart framed pair of sunglasses.

"They love the message and they love the glasses, just love each other and take care of each other," said Ijai.

A few of her friends -- including Cassie Tillman, who owns the Pomegranate Cafe -- sell the sunglasses, or you can go to her website to buy a pair.

Ijai would also like you to take the pledge on her sight, and choose love.

Visit Love Glasses Revolution's website if you'd like to join up.