PHOENIX - Daycare turned into a nightmare after an in-apartment daycare ended with 35-year-old Jaquelin Cantor facing multiple charges of child abuse.

Court documents allege Cantor mistreated kids and lied.

Last November, documents detail claims of a young girl going home with scratches under her eyes and a bruise near her genitals, with Cantor as the accused culprit.

"Things like that that fall under Arizona definition of child abuse,” Attorney Monica Lindstrom said.

Court documents reveal more allegations in February. Investigators say Cantor grabbed a young boy's penis, frustrated because we would go to the restroom on her bathroom floor.

The paperwork revealed Cantor denied the crime but later confessed during a polygraph test.

"When someone is charged and they're released, there’s nothing to stop them from committing another crime or the same crime they been charged with," Lindstrom said.

Lindstrom says all this could have been avoided—if the kids went to a licensed daycare.

"This second set of charges would never have happened because she would’ve been fired or the state would've closed her facility down," she said.

Cantor also admitted to police she is in the country illegally. She is expected to be back in court in November and could also face deportation.