PHOENIX — Though it is late October, wildlife experts say rattlesnakes are still very much active in the Valley— causing concern for Halloween trick-or-treaters this year.

The Phoenix Herpetological Society says they are still removing snakes from homes all across the Valley and is warning trick-or-treaters to be extra cautious when walking around Wednesday night.

Tips for trick-or-treaters?

  • Don't walk or reach where you can't see
  • Bring a flashlight
  • Avoid damp or rocky areas— Snakes like to hide there!
  • If you come across a snake, don't touch it and walk away

If you do get bit by a rattlesnake this Halloween, the Herpetological Society says to keep the bitten area still, remove any constricting items like jewelry (or costumes in this case), elevate the wound and call 911.