PHOENIX -- The phrase is said all of the time, Phoenix is a beautiful place to live.

Thursday, numbers are continuing to prove that even more people are catching on to why Arizonans love living in the Valley of the Sun so much.

The U.S. Census Bureau released the new numbers overnight and Phoenix is taking back the spot as the country’s fifth largest city, based on the 2016 population. That population stands at 1,615,017.

Phoenix had the largest numeric increase of any city between 2015 and 2016. That means more than 32,000 people were added, according to the census. Breaking it down even more, that’s about 88 people per day on average.

Cities larger than Phoenix on the list, are Houston at No. 4, Chicago No. 3, Los Angeles and then the largest of them all, New York City.

NYC is nearly impossible to beat. Its population is around 8.5 million, more than twice as large as LA.

Four cities in the west, one being Buckeye, Ariz. here in the Valley, were among the top 15 fastest growing.

Later this summer, the census bureau will release more population estimates by age, sex and race.