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Phoenix small business owner sees uptick in sales during COVID-19 pandemic

Everyone Loves Buttons has seen a lot of changes in business over the past 23 years, but especially now, during the pandemic.

PHOENIX — A local business is finding success, despite facing challenges through trying times.

“The beginning of January was a little slow,” said President of Everyone Loves Buttons, Maura Statman. 

She’s seen a lot of changes in business over the past 23 years, but especially now, during the pandemic. 

“I see a big increase in quote requests,” she said. 

With the help of a Paycheck Protection Program loan and a variety of new requests, Starman saw a rise in sales in December. 

Donating buttons to veterans’ organIzations during the pandemic 

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of orders, she’s been working on donating buttons to veterans’ organizations too. 

Credit: 12 News

“The first one we did say you are important,” she said. 

Buttons act as a morale boost for frontline workers, first responders 

The buttons are serving as a boost for healthcare workers, helping the morale in supermarkets and health care institutions.

“I think it goes a long way,” said Statman. “It may seem like a small thing, but I think it speaks volumes.” 

And recently an agency that services seniors. 

“This one, it says I’m smiling under this mask,” she said. 

Requests from sports teams and retail stores to more surprising requests.

“For funerals primarily and for those they need them right away,” Statman said. “I try to tell my staff that with the bereavement buttons, that we’re kind of helping them through the grief process.” 

The demand is up for COVID-19 vaccination-related buttons  Right now about 80% of her orders are vaccination-related.  

Credit: 12 News

“I’m COVID-19 vaccinated,” she said. “They identify people that have it, a lot of healthcare workers... that makes the patients feel more comfortable.” 

Maura’s work is bringing smiles to the faces of people in the community, especially those on the frontlines of the pandemic, to keep business going... one smile at a time.  

“For every reason for every season, buttons tell a story,” she said. “Kind of a little bit of luck and tapping into things that were in place years ago, helped us to forge through last year and I do see light at the end of the tunnel.”  

Words of wisdom for struggling business owners 

Maura offered a few words of advice for business owners struggling during this time: Be flexible, be creative, and collaborate if you can.