PHOENIX - The Phoenix Police Department placed the cost of the Black Lives Matter protests to the city at $247,996, according to a statement put out by City Councilman Sal DiCiccio.

The number comes from on-duty and overtime hours for officer coverage at protests on July 8 and July 15.

DiCiccio also raised concerns that the protests diverted officers away from a SWAT call and from the "Serial Street Shooter" investigation.

"This shows a complete disrespect for the taxpayer and our great police department. This disrespect can easily be added up," DiCiccio said. "Add up the loss of taxpayer monies, the cost to local small business owners, the waste of limited police resources, and the fact that the protestors refused to change the date of their protest as it occurred the day after we lost those brave police heroes in Dallas."

12 News reached out to Rev. Jarrett Maupin who responded with a detailed statement claiming the police department and city council has cost taxpayers more.

"The Phoenix City Council, this year alone, has cost taxpayers more than $2 million in settlement monies and legal fees associated with issues of police brutality, misconduct, and wrongful death," Maupin wrote.