PHOENIX — A 30-year-old man is dead after an officer-involved shooting near 19th Avenue and Monroe Street Wednesday.

Police said no officers were injured in the shooting.

During a news briefing following the shooting, department spokesman Sgt. Tommy Thompson said officers were in the area looking for 24-year-old Eddison Jesus Noyola, a suspect wanted in connection to three shootings and the kidnapping of 30-year-old Andrea Dixon.

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The man who was shot was not Noyola, Thompson said. He was identified Thursday as Henry Wayne Rivera by the police department. 

Rivera appeared to flee after seeing police in the area, according to Thompson. He started jumping over fences and running through yards.

Thompson said Rivera came to a business and took a vehicle. Rivera pulled back partially into the driveway of the business and stopped, police said.

Tactical officers moved toward the stopped vehicle and gave commands, but police said Rivera did not comply.

Police said officers fired non-lethal rounds and gas at the vehicle and Rivera. When Rivera got out of the vehicle, police said he was still not complying with commands. 

A K-9 officer and a SWAT officer fired at Rivera and he went down, police said. Rivera was taken to a hospital, where he died from his injuries. 

No weapons were found at the scene.

Police said it was later discovered that Rivera had outstanding warrants for his arrest.

This is the 11th officer-involved shooting in Maricopa County this year and the fourth for the Phoenix Police Department.