PHOENIX - Police say a man arrested for an outstanding warrant is responsible for burglaries at two secure police stations parking lots.

Over the span of two months, January and February, officers’ police and private vehicles were burglarized. A list of the stolen weapons, released by the Phoenix Police Department, included an AR-15 rifle and a police-issued Glock handgun.

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Police said they found a fingerprint belonging to 41-year-old Branden Tucker on an unmarked police vehicle.

Tucker was arrested for an outstanding misdemeanor warrant on Thursday.

While in custody, Tucker told police he didn't know how the fingerprint got on the vehicle but that he had equipment belonging to Phoenix PD in his garage.

He told police he bought the items from an unknown Hispanic man in the area of 16th Street and Roeser Road.

Police said Tucker was able to describe several items of police property, including ballistic vests and padded police equipment, that would be found in his garage.

According to police, some of the stolen ammunition was recovered during a search of Tucker's home near 16th Street and Baseline Road. But police have not located the stolen weapons.

A name badge belonging to Officer Tom Ferguson was found in the garage and was traced back to the commercial burglary at the neighborhood resource center on Broadway Road, according to police documents.

When arrested, police said Tucker also had a white crystaline substance in his front left pocket that tested positive for methamphetamines.

Tucker was booked into jail on several counts of burglary, criminal trespassing and possession of drugs, police said.

The investigation is ongoing.