PHOENIX - Officers with the Phoenix Police Department helped a mom in need get a Christmas tree to share with her young son Monday.

A call led officers to meet the Kirsten May, a single mom who had recently lost her job and was just days from eviction.

"I lost my job," May said. "I lost daycare. I was completely at rock bottom."

The officers, Jason Harris, Brian Peters and Ben Carro, learned of the May's situation and found a way to help her out.

They contacted officer Manuel Reyes, who works at Home Depot as an off-duty officer and worked with a manager at the Home Depot location at 36th Street and Thomas Road to get a tree for the family.

The store donated a tree to the mother and her 4-year-old son, and officers brought the tree over on a Phoenix police car.

"I cried like a little kid," May said. "My son gets to experience what holidays are about thanks to what these officers did and are doing. It shows they don't just arrest people."

The officers are planning to surround the tree with presents and toys for Nicholas to open Christmas morning, and a group called Angels on Patrol is covering May's rent through the month, allowing her a little breathing room.

Christmas isn't the only thing that's looking up for May -- she found a job Tuesday, so she'll be able to afford rent on her own soon.