PHOENIX - An attempted armed robbery suspect has died after the woman he tried to rob grabbed her own gun and shot him, according to the Phoenix Police Department.

Investigators said the man tried to force his way into her home at the Bonaventure mobile home park along 7th Street near Union Hills Drive after 11 p.m. Tuesday night.

The victim's two children were still near the car in the carport, and police said her oldest child warned her of the man approaching.

Police said she struggled with the man to close the door on him. It didn't work so she grabbed her gun and shot him.

It was not immediately clear how many times he was hit, but one neighbor said he heard at least three gunshots.

The man ran through a neighbor's yard, leaving blood everywhere, as he tried to get away.

"[There's blood] all on the rocks, on the other side of the fence. and on the fence really bad," said the victim's neighbor. "There was a lot of noise. I thought my husband fell out of bed."

The suspect was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Phoenix police made no arrests in the case.