PHOENIX — A Valley man is back home after going to a bachelor party that's gaining him national attention.

So far, it sounds like the party weekend was filled with nothing but style as Novak promised -- if you consider style sleeping a total of four hours in 72 hours, getting a Maserati stuck in the snow and having your car stolen by a drunk person. That's all according to Novak, after his trip.

12 News caught up with Novak as soon as he landed at Sky Harbor Monday night. He says he had the time of his life, but couldn't wait to get back to his wife and baby. 

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Novak says while in Vermont for the bachelor party, they got rides from the police and fire departments. And the entire state of Vermont seemed to know who he was.

"People were shouting our names," Novak said. "They were shouting at us from ski lifts. I had fireworks shot at me from inside of a cabin. I'm so tired. I've never been this tired."

The whole party weekend started with an email typo. The email was accidentally sent to Will Novak in Phoenix. It was supposed to go to a Bill Novak in New York.

Novak says he told the bachelor he didn't know anyone in Vermont or how to ski, but wanted to send a funny email reply to make the bachelor party guys laugh. It all turned into the party trip which was paid for by a GoFundMe page Will launched that received nationwide attention.

If you're wondering what happened to that "stolen vehicle," Novak says it was returned quickly.

He says he left it running outside and a man who had a little too much to drink hopped in and drove it around the corner as a prank. Then, he returned the vehicle, but not before giving Novak a panic attack first.