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Phoenix lifestyle coach goes live on Facebook to inspire others during COVID-19 pandemic

Jeffrey Hattrick hopes to inspire people tuning in, especially during this time of uncertainty for so many.

PHOENIX — Tonight a Phoenix lifestyle and health coach, who got tired of hearing about COVID-19 stats, goes live on social media.

It’s not only to bring words of positivity and encouragement to the community. It’s also to raise awareness about issues like depression and isolation, especially during the coronavirus quarantine.

“Lockdown or not, lets do this,” said Jeffrey Hattrick, a lifestyle and health coach in Phoenix in a recent Facebook Live video.

He knows how to get your attention.

“Take a breath with me... it’s time to talk, actually, it’s time to reflect,” he shared with his followers.

“I was tired of hearing about toilet paper and the stats and the stuff,” he said. “I realized what we really needed was a little bit of love.”

Every day Jeffrey goes live on Facebook.

“I just feel whatever message needs to be there,” said Hattrick. “One day I sang the song smile... you can act your way into feeling a special way.”

He hopes to inspire people tuning in, especially during this time of uncertainty for so many.

“The messages change, but they’re just about being uplifting and also leading from the future,” he said.

It’s not all light and fluffy conversation though, he also touches on heavy topics like the coronavirus, what he calls the c-word and the impact it’s having on our community.

“There are actually two viruses that are extremely dangerous and, in fact, deadly,” he said. “One of them, you know the word… the other one that I believe may be equally as dangerous is isolation.”

While Governor Doug Ducey’s stay at home order is in place, Jeffrey encourages everyone to stay connected.

“Promise me as soon as we're done with roll call, call someone... so that we don’t risk losing a person through isolation, depression, sadness, loneliness,” he asked his followers in a recent Facebook Live. “Put out some good energy out there and save someone’s life.”

If you need some encouragement during this time, Jeffrey’s just a click away.

“My outreach, which is not about me, it’s about you... it’s just really nice and it makes my day,” he said.

Ok...Trisha Hendricks 12 News says I will be on at 6:00 (or thereabouts). I will post a link once it's up. Is anyone else nervous? I don't have television, but I think my long distance friends can...


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