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The waiting list for Prince Harry's book at Phoenix Public Library is huge.

The Phoenix Public Library is working to get customers who want to read Prince Harry's book access to it. Until then, check out a piece of history.

PHOENIX — When is 300 copies of a book not enough?

When it's about Prince Harry. 

The former royal's autobiography is totally checked out. And the waiting list for it is long. Months long. 

Long enough that library officials won't talk about how long the waiting list is -- because they want people to get on the list. 

“I did look at it and it does look a little daunting, but I want to emphasis, get on the hold list, be patient, have faith, because there are times it goes faster than you think,” said Lee Franklin, the Phoenix Public Library's community relations manager.

“Be patient and have faith because they’re moving in and out very quickly,” Franklin said.

The waiting list is long for all the versions: hard copies, ebooks, audiobooks and large print editions. The library, Franklin said, is trying to acquire more copied like all libraries across the globe, is working to get customers who want to read the book access to it.

The publisher said 'Spare' sold more than 1.43 million copies in its first day.

Franklin said their 17 locations of Phoenix Public Library have access to nearly 300 copies.

“There’s lots of interest and we like that that interest and that spotlight that comes with this does come into the library and we get more people and they get exposed to all that we offer,” said Franklin.

But if you need that royal fiz in the meantime, just walk in the front door of the Burton Barr Central Library in downtown Phoenix and wander to the customer service desk. 

The "Phoenix Bird" tapestry  hanging behind the desk was woven for Queen Elizabeth’s coronation by one of her royal weavers. The tapestry was on display in England during the events surrounding Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. Franklin said a family attended some of the events and bought the colorful piece of fabric. They donated it to the library in the 1960s.

Burton Barr Central Library is located right next to Hance Park which is hosting free Super Bowl events, so consider popping in while you’re in the area to see what the library has to offer, or catch a glance at the royal tapestry.

Franklin hopes the interested in Spare encourages all residents of Maricopa County to take advantage of what the library offers.

You can register for a library card by clicking here.

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