PHOENIX - Detectives have been searching relentlessly for more than a decade, desperately trying to find the criminal who, back in 2005, left a newborn baby to die in a trash can at Sky Harbor.

Now, new technology may get them closer to solving the cold case.

Baby Skylar’s awful story brought the Phoenix community together years ago and now, police need your help again. They’re hoping a new computer-generated composite sketch could lead to the child’s mom.

It's a despicable act with no answers. The cold case still tops the mind of Phoenix investigator Sandra Rodriguez.

“Obviously it bothered me quite a bit," Rodriguez said. "I have nothing but sons and I would’ve taken this little baby in a heartbeat.”

Detectives have been scouring the country since Skylar’s 2005 death, but have not found a single trace of the heartless person behind it.

“It didn’t go anywhere," she said. "There was just too much information and we just couldn’t narrow it. Or I couldn't narrow it down."

For the first time ever, Phoenix police are using Snapshot DNA Phenotyping. It's a new DNA analysis system that predicts what Skylar’s mom looked like back in 2005, down to eyes, hair, skin color and even freckles.

Troy Hillman, of the Phoenix Police Department, says they hope it sparks a memory in a witness.

“Really what we’re trying to get is public participation in saying that looks like so and so," Hillman said. "I believe that woman was pregnant around the time frame, and call Silent Witness.”

With great confidence in the technology, Phoenix police say they’re starting local with this composite and will take it nationally if needed.

If you have any information, contact Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS (948-6377). They're offering up to a $1,000 reward.