"Change in the world starts with the golden rule... celebrate diversity and show it universally," these are lyrics from the song "Change the World," which was written by Phoenix hip-hop artist Colby Jeffers and his Cameroon friend Awu.

The song has a simple message: "Essentially, inspiring people to make a difference in the world. To be the change in the world they wish to see, in the words of Gandhi," Jeffers said.

The song was written three years ago in Cameroon. Jeffers and Awu were both volunteers in Cameroon with an organization called "The Greens," where they taught local kids about the environment and how to sustain it.

Awu, the guitarist and vocalist, and Jeffers, the aspiring rapper, hit it off immediately.

"Him and I really hit it off and became friends. I was there for a month and we were kind of jamming out and we created this song 'Change the World,'" Jeffers said.

Jeffers raps on the song while Awu sings the chorus. The song addresses everything from race relations to accepting all religious beliefs.

Over the years the two friends kept in touch and despite the long distance -- Jeffers in Phoenix and Awu in Cameroon -- they recorded an album together via the Internet.

In December, Jeffers took his dad to Cameroon to meet his long-distance friends. With his father's encouragement, Jeffers brought his cinematographer friend Brian M. Roth to shoot the music video for "Change the World."

The music video was shot in both Phoenix and Cameroon.

"Here's a guy from Phoenix; here's a guy from Cameroon -- and they both share a dream of uplifting the world through music," Jeffers said. "There is a quote that I really like that says, 'music is the ladder to the soul.' The goal with my music is to educate, inspire and uplift people to do something positive."

You can check out their ebsite at colbyandawu.com

They also have a Facebook page: Facebook.com/ColbyandAwu