Those 80-degree highs in Phoenix haven't been too terribly uncommon these last few months during spring 2019.

But after a cool and rather stormy weekend for some areas, temps in the Valley will soar. The current forecast shows 98 as the high Tuesday and then 99 for Wednesday, just missing that triple-digit mark.

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Then, the high temps will drop down into the 80s, as low as 82, starting Friday.

It's a rollercoaster of temperatures this week in the Valley, but is it normal for this time of year?

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To put it simply, this is a transitional season for us, according to Team 12's Krystle Henderson. Meaning, we expect to see ups and downs with temps. April and May tend to be the windiest months for us because of it.

But there have been fewer 100-degree days, so far anyway, which probably no one is complaining about.

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Phoenix averages a total of 10 100-degree days through April and May. Phoenix has hit the triple-digit mark once so far, and that happened back on April 26.

Sure, there's plenty of days left to reach that mark in May, but if it doesn't happen by midweek, Phoenix will revisit another weather milestone that hasn't happened in nearly a decade.

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The last time Phoenix has gone the first half of May without any triple-digit readings on the thermometer was 2010.

Phoenix is currently also below average when it comes to rainfall in April and so far in May.

Team 12's Krystle Henderson contributed.