Just an hour of your time can save a life. And if you think that's an exaggeration, a Phoenix teenager would beg to differ.

Mia McPoland has a rare disorder that prevents her body from producing red blood cells. Her lifetime battle with Diamond Blackfan Anemia requires monthly blood transfusions.

“I said, 'well what if I don’t?' And she just looked at me and said, "then your baby will die,'" Mia's mom Kristi McPoland said.

United Blood Services wanted to do something special for Mia as a way to thank her for raising awareness. Last month, Mia got to thank not one, not two but 34 donors whose blood has helped keep her alive.

“What went through me was such joy and such pleasure knowing that these are the people who saved my life," Mia said.

Mia has already received more than 200 transfusions. She'll continue receiving blood the rest of her life.

“To me it just became crystal clear how important it is for us to all help each other and be there for each other," said donor Carol Brugman.

Dave Constance, another blood donor, says giving blood leaves you knowing you really helped someone in need.

"Today it really hit home. I’ve been in education for 28 years and I’m constantly helping people, but today, listening to Mia’s story…It was just so touching," Constance said.