PHOENIX - In a South Phoenix neighborhood that has survived challenging times, better days are ahead for these streets and first time home buyer, Shawanda Brewer.

"(I'm a) home owner now," Brewer said. "I never thought this dream would come true for me. I've been here in Arizona for seven years."

This is the South Phoenix Village. "They made a beautiful affordable home for me, and I couldn't say thank you enough," Brewer said.

The redevelopment project is turning vacant lots into more than 100 new, energy efficient homes from 24th Street east to 32nd Street and from Broadway Road south to Roeser Road. It's also home to Shawanda Brewer's very own space after years of renting.

"It's awesome," she said. "I have my own place. I have a brand new washer and drier, appliances. I mean, it's my first home and the home is brand new."

A ribbon cutting welcomed Shawanda home, and was also a welcomed site for the City of Phoenix. A community working hard to bring new neighbors just like Brewer home to renew the Broadway Road Corridor.

"Normally people's first home is just their starter, but my first home is my dream home and I'm just in awe of the whole process," she said.

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