J’Nae Bragg was just running to the store to get groceries. The 15-year-old lived in an apartment on Indian School Road between 67th and 72nd avenues.

About a half-mile down the street from the complex is a Family Dollar store,

“She goes there all the time,” said her father, Chauncey Bragg.

On Jan. 3, J’Nae was walking back from the store with her uncle.

“J’Nae was standing right there (in the middle of road),” her father said.

J’Nae was in the middle lane waiting for traffic to clear when a driver didn’t see her and slammed into her. Witnesses say J’Nae was thrown 30 to 40 feet in the air.

“When I got there, I saw the ambulances and police but they had already taken my daughter (to the hospital),” Chauncey Bragg said.

J’Nae fought to survive for four days but her injuries were too severe.

“It’s hard," Chauncey said. "It's hard."

He spent four days by her bedside before she passed away.

“I told her I was here and I loved her,” he said.

Police investigated the accident and determined the driver was not at fault and speed did not play a factor in the crash. The speed limit on that stretch of Indian School Road is 45 mph.

Bragg says people, including kids, often cross mid-road to avoid what could be a mile-long walk to the crosswalk.

“Lots of kids do it all the time,” said Bragg.

The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help with funeral and medical expenses, If you would like to help, go to http://gf.me/u/f5mic4