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Phoenix family passes down secret family salsa recipe, shares flavor with the Valley

Loca Madre Salsa brings a Phoenix family back to their roots with some special ingredients.

PHOENIX — 12 News is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, so we're introducing you to a South Phoenix family turned entrepreneurs. 

They're ready to share their grandmother’s salsa with everyone. But to them it’s more than just a family recipe -- it’s a connection to their roots.

It’s a flavor that takes Nina Stokes back to her childhood.

“My nana, she used to do a lot of crafting," Stokes said. "She did all the cooking and the one thing that inspired me the most was her cooking, but most importantly her salsa.”

The most important ingredient for Stokes is family.

“My nana originated from Mexico," Stokes said.

Making the salsa is a precise labor of love.

She has recreated the family recipe with Loca Madre Salsa, which she launched in 2017.

“That’s pretty much what is brought to the table and what she brought from back home," she said. "And when it’s made from here, it’s going to taste good here.” 

There are the ingredients you’d expect: Tomatoes, onion and cilantro.

“Everything is freshly made, not off the shelf," she said. "It’s literally made right in front of your eyes.”

Then there are the ingredients Stokes can’t tell us. She even adds a little twist of her own.

“Sometimes there’s just that special kick that it needs," she said.

Stokes shared the story about her family recipe with us on Nextdoor. 

It’s also one that goes beyond their table: It's something she’ll be handing down to her kids.

“I want them to always know that no matter what, this is a part of you and who you are," she said.

It's a special taste she hopes to share with the Valley and tradition living on for generations to come.

“So just knowing that I’ll leave a legacy like that behind, would be the most amazing feeling in the world," Stokes said.