PHOENIX - A volunteer with the Animals Benefit Club of Arizona recently thought they heard a puppy's cry from inside a trash can. To this volunteer's shock, there actually was a Maltese pup inside the garbage that somebody had left to die.

"We believe a breeder may have thrown him in the trash because of the condition he has with his eyes, he wouldn't have been salable," says Andra Jeffress with the Animals Benefit Club of Arizona.

The dog is named Cody and has a condition called "cherry eye," which causes pain and the possibility of ulcers and vision loss. It's a very noticeable condition which would make selling the dog for top price difficult, but no reason to throw the dog in the trash.

Dr. Zoe Reed says she is one of about 400 veterinary opthamologists in the world, and luckily she's here to help with Cody's surgery. The only issue is cost, and the discounted rate for his treatment is around $2500.

"It's anesthesia, it's a full surgery where he will have both eyes done at once," Reed says.

Several people have donated to that cause already, but you can also help by visiting