PHOENIX - As the Phoenix Comic Fest is wrapped up its last day in Phoenix with a major announcement from the organizers, they’re changing their name, again.

After a fire alarm scare Saturday evening, many events where moved to Sunday.

And before doors opened for the last day of the event, the organizers announce the name change. Yes, it’s the third name change in the past two years.

Formally Phoenix Comicon, this year is Phoenix Comic Fest and it will now be Phoenix Fan Fusion in 2019.

The event attendees had a lot to say about the name change.

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“That’s awesome a fusion of everyone a big chance for the nerds to come together,” said an attendee.

“Sounds like a Pokémon character or something,” said another person.

“Phoenix Fan Fusion… That’s a lot of F sounds,” said attendee.

Love it or hate it it’s here to stay starting in 2019.

In January, Square Egg Entertainment, the company that puts on the yearly convention, changed the event's name from Phoenix Comicon to Phoenix Comic Fest after a court case between San Diego Comic-Con and Salt Lake City Comic Con. But now organizers say Phoenix Comic Fest just doesn’t roll off the tongue.

“Everyone said it’s just not the right name for what you do. We are focusing on our fans on the experience and bringing them together,” Kristin Rowan, Marketing and Public Relations Manager for Square Egg Entertainment.