PHOENIX - In light of President Donald Trump's recent executive orders to crack down on illegal immigration, one Phoenix church is opening its doors.

The First Congregational United Church of Christ near McDowell Road and Third Street in Phoenix held an event Thursday night dedicated to showing its support for immigrants.

FULL TEXT: Read Trump's executive orders on the wall and immigration

“In times of crises people of faith have to return to ancient traditions. Refugees in the Roman Empire found sanctuary in Christian churches. Slaves in precivil war United States found sanctuary in the Underground Railroad and congregations across the country. Political refugees from the civil wars in Central America found sanctuary in over 500 churches in the United States when our federal government failed to offer asylum or refuge under existing laws," said First Church pastor James Pennington in a statement.

"First Church joins the many congregations already offering sanctuary today in the face of one of the most urgent and large scale humanitarian crisis in the United States."

There were also two protests -- one at Phoenix City Hall and another near Arizona State's Tempe campus -- against the executive orders Thursday afternoon and evening.