TEMPE, Ariz. - A Tempe mom was arrested after her 1-year-old ate macaroni and cheese made with THC butter, court documents show.

According to court documents, 25-year-old Alaina Limpert told police she made the mac and cheese with THC, the chemical compound in cannabis that makes you high, for her husband. She said she didn't know her daughter ate it.

But court paperwork shows someone inside the home notified the Department of Child Safety that Limpert not only knew, but her and her husband didn't seek medical care for their daughter. Instead, the witness reported the two laughed about the child's side effects and then put her in the backyard pool to "use the cold water to shock her."

DCS was notified two days after the incident and took custody of all three children inside the home. It was confirmed later, by hospital staff, that the child tested positive for THC, court documents said.

Limpert's husband, Anthony, claims the whole thing was an honest mistake.

"Obviously the incident occurred. Neither one of us would intentionally do anything to harm our children," he said.

He said the claims that the couple laughed about the incident are not true.

"Nobody would ever laugh about that. That's ridiculous," he said.

Anthony said the family did not contact authorities because their daughter didn't seem sick.

"We gave her water. We watched her. We made sure she was OK. There were no other side effects other than she seemed like a bit more giggly," Anthony told 12 News.

According to court paperwork, DCS was also notified the home was a grow house for marijuana.

While serving a search warrant at Limpert's home, court docs show Tempe police found two separate grow tents inside the garage as well as marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Anthony Limpert, who hasn't been charged, acknowledged that both he and his wife use marijuana, but says they both have California medical cards.

The couple is not facing any drug charges, according to police.

Limpert was booked and held on one count of child abuse, according to court documents. Upon her release on Friday, a judge ordered that she is to have no contact with minors.

And Anthony says he's meeting with DCS regarding his children on Monday.

He said he's not sure who reported his wife to the police, but he said he isn't mad at whoever it was.