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Parks and trails in the Valley experiencing overcrowding

Maricopa County Parks and Recreation say the overcrowding is the result of events and businesses closing.
Credit: 12 News
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PHOENIX — Regional parks in the Valley area are experiencing overcrowding due to the closure of other facilities, the Maricopa County Parks and Recreation department stated.

"This is placing high-volume and crowding in the regional parks," the department said in a press release. " If you are planning a visit, please expect delays and be patient."

The department asked all that are visiting the parks during this time to practice stewardship of the parks and be sure to not leave any trash or mess. In addition, they asked visitors to not remove supplies from the bathrooms.

"The department currently has enough resources to serve park visitors," the department stated. "However, if the resources continue to be removed, there will not be enough for everyone."

Visitors were reminded to keep practicing CDC safety guidelines during the virus, including social distancing and practicing proper hygiene. Additionally, visitors should be prepared to bring ample water and wear appropriate recreational attire.


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