After coming across a social media post about a 10-year old Arizona boy, living with an inoperable brain tumor, a Eugene, Ore. man decided he wanted to do something.

Now the two that were once complete strangers are now forever friends.

It all started when Nico Pulido’s mom, Tiffany posted a video on Facebook, explaining his diagnosis of hydrocephalus, an incurable terminal brain tumor.

“It’s been one day at a time,” Tiffany Pulido said. “It’s one of the number one killers, more so than any kind of brain tumor.”

The post caught the attention of Benjamin Elliott, more than 1,200 miles away from Queen Creek. Nico’s story hit close to home from Benjamin.

“My dad passed away from pancreatic cancer,” he said. “After he passed away, I really just wanted to find a way to bring awareness to cancer.”

Elliott contacted Tiffany and said he was so moved by Nico’s story and wanted to do something for them. He recently flew here to Arizona to surprise Nico with a limo, a shopping spree and he even let Nico shave his head.

“He did so much for us,” Nico said.

“It was really cool of him and Nico had a blast,” Tiffany Pulido said. “It’s so sweet and endearing for somebody in a completely different state to see you hurting and then to just jump on a plane in less than a week.”

Elliott said it was a special visit.

“I felt a connection with that family more than any family I’ve probably ever connected with,” said Elliott.

Now Elliott is biking for Nico in the Great Cycle Challenge. Elliott plans to bike 1,205 miles, which is the distance between their homes in Eugene and Queen Creek.

“We are definitely very, very grateful,” Nico’s mom said.

“A simple deed really can go a long way and not just change the lives that you’re trying to change, but also change your life as well,” said Elliott.

If you want to donate to the Great Cycle Challenge to support Elliott and Nico, you can visit here.

You can follow Nico's journey here

A GoFundMe to help support Nico and his family can be found here.