PHOENIX — Three-time Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas was in Tempe Sunday inspiring women to unleash their inner super hero.

Douglas joined 5,000 walkers and runners in Tempe Beach Park for the DC Wonder Woman Run Series.

“Definitely so inspiring for all these strong amazing powerful women to be unified,” Douglas said.

Nearly everyone dressed for the occasion.

Like mother Milagro Huing, who says while her husband on his fourth deployment to Kuwait, she tries to channel her inner super powers taking care of the household.

“I’m trying to do it for my husband,” Huing said.

“I feel like wonder woman is inside like self confidence and I think it’s important to stay active you keeps the body young,” said Douglas.

And that is right in line with the event’s message of unleashing your own super hero.

A portion of the proceeds from the event in Tempe will benefit WISE Arizona (Women in Sports and Events)