PHOENIX — A former Hacienda HealthCare nurse who worked alongside Nathan Sutherland describes the suspect as a bully.

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The 12 News I-Team spoke exclusively with this source, who did not want to be identified or appear on camera out of fear of losing their job. 12 News checked this person's credentials to confirm they did work at Hacienda HealthCare at the same time as Sutherland.

This person says they worked the night shift with Sutherland and that he routinely picked on other employees, in particular, young, new nurses.

Since the victim gave birth on Dec. 29, the source says Sutherland frequently called out and remained quiet at work.

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Even after the arrest of the nurse, questions remain. How did the pregnancy of a disabled patient with round-the-clock care go unnoticed until she was giving birth?

12 News tried to speak with Dr. Thanh Nguyen at his Chandler home Wednesday for answers. Nguyen was the victim's doctor and is now suspended, according to a letter from the inspector general.

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12 News also tried to get in touch with Dr. Phillip Gear. Gear performed a physical exam on the victim on April 16, 2018 and he noted that the victim had a firm belly but did not mention her menstrual cycle or pregnancy. According to court records, the gestation period was between February and April of 2018.

Neither doctor answered their door Wednesday, but a woman who did answer Gear's phone said, "We have no comment."

The entire community was stunned by the news of Sutherland's arrest, especially those who lived next door to him at his Gilbert apartment.

"Those people should have someone looking out for them. Not somebody like that taking advantage of them," said Kevin Myers, a neighbor.

They are hoping for justice.

"Super quiet guy. Said, 'Hi' once," said James Rossich, another neighbor. "An individual that can just go in as a nurse and rape somebody like that is just absurd. Incomprehensible."