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Now that MVD permit tests are online, can you cheat to pass?

An 80-percent score is required to pass.

PHOENIX - The Arizona Motor Vehicles Division is putting the learner's permit test online and available to take at home.

The test is required to get a learner's permit, which allows someone, usually a 15-and-a-half year old, to drive with someone who has a driver's license.

An 80-percent score is required to pass.

But how to you ensure a prospective driver isn't cheating?

"Your personal safety and your love for the child, of course," MVD spokesperson Doug Nick said, "but your financial responsibility is going to make you think very hard about making sure the test is taken appropriately."

In order to take the test, a licensed driver has to create an account and pay a fee for access to the test.

But once the student takes the test, there's nothing to require them to put away the test guide or turn away from the Internet.

The catch, Nick says, is that the student who gets the learner's permit has to drive with the adult. And wouldn't you want your teen to actually know the rules of the road before you get in the car with them?

The online test will be available on the MVD website March 5.