PHOENIX — One suspect has died after a shooting involving Maricopa County Sheriff's detectives Friday night, Sheriff Paul Penzone said in a press conference Monday. Another suspect was taken into custody without incident. 

On Thursday night at Phoenix Fire Department Station 58 near Dobbins Road and 51st Avenue, Penzone said two suspects were seen hiding behind a personal truck of a firefighter after they may have been breaking into it

Four firefighters saw what was happening and approached the two suspects. 

The suspects began to flee, but then when one suspect turned around, pulled out a gun and started shooting at the firefighters, according to deputies. Penzone said three shots were fired but no firefighters were struck.

The first suspect was taken into custody without incident on Friday and the second was found near 48th Street and Broadway Road in Phoenix. 

Penzone said MCSO received information on what car he was driving and that there were two women in the car. 

The suspect pulled into a parking lot of store near 48th Street and Broadway Road and the two women exited the vehicle. 

Deputies blocked the suspect vehicle in, approached the vehicle and identified themselves, directing the suspect to put his hands up where they could see them, according to Penzone.

Penzone said the suspect immediately exited the vehicle and had his hand to "his side or the back where he was trying to conceal it." Penzone said he closed the door of the car, turned to the deputies and brandished a firearm. 

Penzone said at that point both non-lethal and lethal force was delivered by deputies. The suspect, Elijah Boatley, 20, later died of his injuries. 

A video of the shooting provided by MCSO can be found below: 

Deputies also found that a toddler was in the backseat of the vehicle Boatley exited. Deputies did not know there was a child in the vehicle at the time of the shooting, Penzone said, and the child was unharmed. 

You can watch Sheriff Penzone's full press conference on the shooting below or click here

The investigation is ongoing, Penzone said.