TEMPE, Ariz. – Jessica and Francis Brown love Halloween – a lot. They love it so much, they got married a couple of days before the holiday.

Now they’re sharing their Halloween spirit in an enormous home display in south Tempe.

The monster house is decorated with a “Nightmare Before Christmas” theme, with giant teeth and windows with glowing eyes. The Christmas wreath out front growls, the Christmas trees move and Jack Skellington talks to you when you touch him.

In the yard, they placed Tim Burton-style stand-ups depicting the Brown family.

But it’s not too scary for kids. The Browns would know, having young kids themselves.

You can check out the monster house for yourself. It's just east of Rural Road on El Freda Road.

If you stop by on Halloween, there will be a bin so you can donate toys for a nonprofit that helps underprivileged children, according to the City of Tempe.