PHOENIX - Are you tired of long lines at airport security? Sky Harbor International Airport will be one of the first in the country to test out some new technology to cut down wait times.

The TSA and American Airlines plan to install the CT technology and automated screening lanes in a pilot program at Sky Harbor by the end of this year.

These upgrades are expected to help shorten screening times by about 30 percent, officials say.

Airports already use CT technology to look at checked bags. This new 3D CT technology could allow passengers to leave liquids, gels and aerosols as well as laptops in their carry-on bags.

Here's how it works: Automated belts that draw bags into the X-ray machines return bins after they're screened. Property bins are 25 percent larger. Special radio-frequency tags are attached to each bin for added accountability of items. And, cameras capture photos of the outside of the bags to match them to the X-ray images.

Officials say this will speed up the security process because of less bin use at Phoenix screening checkpoints.

American Airlines is the first airline to test this technology. If it's successful, the TSA hopes to use these new automated security checkpoint lanes at all U.S. airports.