PHOENIX - Police have released new information in the case of a Phoenix woman who hit her boyfriend with a car in April after she found out he had HIV.

According to court paperwork from April, Misty Lee Wilke told police the Joseph Valva laughed after she found out he had HIV. Documents said the two recently became involved in a sexual relationship.

She said she then pushed him and he pulled out a knife before taking a swing at her.

Police records say she did have a small cut, approximately one centimeter, on her arm.

Wilke then got into the Mustang and jumped the curb, driving through the park as he rode off on his bike.

She crossed Hatcher Road, hitting the man. Wilke said she did not look or intend to hit him, but realized she had hit someone.

She could not explain to police how he ended up in front of her car across the street.

The man was diagnosed with a fractured vertebrae in his back and received staples for a head injury.

Wilke then left her car at a nearby gas station and got a ride home, where she called police and told her side of the story.

Wilke stands charged with two counts of aggravated assault, attempt to commit second-degree murder and leaving the scene of a serious injury accident.