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The adorable 'Navigator Buddies' are making their return to Sky Harbor Airport

The furry canine companions give passengers the opportunity to de-stress before or after flights with a few pets and tail wags.

PHOENIX — A popular program designed to help offer a more enjoyable trip for travelers is coming back to Sky Harbor Airport. America's friendliest airport is reintroducing the "Navigator Buddies Program."

This month marks the four-year anniversary of the program that features darling dogs acting as a source of calm for passengers coming and going through the airport.

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle that an airport can encounter at times, these special dogs give passengers an opportunity to relax in between flights.

Customer Service Manager Misty Cisneros-Contreras said the nearly 50 "Nav buddies" serve all types of passengers.

"The navigator buddy program is a program that provides opportunities for our passengers and employees to engage with dogs as they see fit," she said. "Sometimes we see people who are either a little bit nervous or maybe they're sad they're traveling for a funeral, things like that, and just engaging with a dog they get that sense of comfort and they really appreciate that."

The dogs work 2-hour shifts every week, so even the in-house employees know their schedules and look forward to seeing the animals as well.

If you're headed to the airport soon, be sure to keep an eye out for these furry friends and take a moment to stop and say hello.

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