Lights floating over Queen Creek raised concern Monday night, but we now know what caused them. It wasn't aliens -- this time.

What Joseph Cowlishaw and dozens of others saw was definitely strange. There were tons of flickering lights in a string.

"A meteor shower doesn't look like this," said Cowlishaw.

Neither do planes, planets or swamp gas.

A string of mysterious lights was visible outside Phoenix, Arizona on Dec. 18, 2017. This was taken with an iPhone. (Photo: Justin Moyer/Special to 12 News)

We talked to aerospace experts, the National UFO Reporting Center. While researching we found the same reports from the same day last year, Dec. 19.

Not Martians, but Mormons.

"We are anything but alien," Steven Lowder with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said. "We are Christians."

Lowder says the lights aren't that mysterious.

"It was a balloon per individual who has made a covenant," Lowder said.

Four hundred balloons were released Monday night, for 400 converts to the LDS faith. The missionaries do it to celebrate the mysteries of the faith.