PHOENIX — The mother of a newborn girl found dead inside an Amazon facility last week in Phoenix has been arrested, according to police.

Phoenix police said Samantha Vivier was booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail on one count of unlawful disposal of human remains.

The baby girl was found in a plastic bag in the trash can in a women’s restroom in a secured area at the Amazon facility near 51st Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road on Wednesday night, Jan. 16.

According to court documents, Vivier went to use the women's bathroom sometime after she clocked out for lunch at the facility around 11:30 a.m. 

She began to bleed when she tried to use the bathroom and gave birth to a baby who was not breathing or moving, the documents say. 

The court documents say Vivier stayed in the bathroom stall for an extended period of time until another employee offered her paper towels and a plastic bag to clean up the blood on the floor of the bathroom stall. 

Vivier then placed the baby inside the plastic bag and placed the bag in the garbage can under the counter in the bathroom, according to the documents.

She asked her manager for a pair of pants, but when she could not get new pants, she called a friend who picked her up.

Vivier reportedly told her friend that she may have had a miscarriage but did not explain anything further to her friend. 

Vivier told police she did not know that she was pregnant and that she did not have any signs or indications that she might be pregnant. She told police she gained about 15 pounds but did not feel any movement inside of her.

According to court documents, Vivier hid the baby in the trash can to hide the baby from being discovered and to hide the birth from the father of the baby.

Vivier told police she panicked after giving birth and was confident that the baby was stillborn. 

Police said Vivier did not make an effort to get help or render aid to the baby after giving birth. 

Vivier was released on her own recognizance after appearing in court Tuesday night. 

The Maricopa County Office of the Medical Examiner is still investigating the baby girl’s death.

Amazon released a statement Tuesday after police announced the arrest: 

"This is a terribly sad and tragic incident and we’re providing on-site counseling support as needed as the safety and wellness of our team continues to be our top priority."