PHOENIX - ‚ÄčThe Phoenix Fire Department said four pedestrians, including three children all under the age of 12, were struck by a pickup truck near 19th and Campbell avenues Monday morning.

Police suspect the driver may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Police are taking the 22-year-old driver to a local police station for further processing.

Firefighters treated and transported a 36-year-old female and her three children. The woman is in stable condition while her 7-year-old daughter is in critical condition and her injury is considered life-threatening. The woman's 11-year-old and 6-year-old daughters are also seriously injured, according to fire officials.

All patients were transported to the appropriate nearby trauma centers.

“It’s way worse than road rash," said Michelle Davis, describing the scene she saw when she got off at her bus stop. “The girls getting covered up and picked up to go to the ambulance.”

Renae Nunez saw the whole thing unfold.

“The one little girl was hit bad," she said. “They all got ranned over. They went tumbling under the truck. One or two of them got runned over by the tire.”

According to police, the driver was traveling east on Campbell Avenue and made a left turn to travel north on 19th Avenue, when he struck the mother and her three children who were in the crosswalk crossing the street.

Police said the driver remained on scene and was cooperative.

Charges will be pending the outcome of the lab results, police said.

Fire officials said the Phoenix Police Department is investigating and Phoenix Fire Crisis Response units are assisting the family as well.