National Adoption Day is Saturday, Nov. 18 and according to the Superior Court in Arizona, more than 200 adoptions will be finalized.

It's the 18th annual National Adoption Day and 229 adoptions will finalize at the Juvenile Durango Building in Phoenix.

“Approximately 36 judges from all over Maricopa County, including retired judges, appellate judges, judges from other Court Departments, and our own Juvenile Department judges all look forward to this event, which we could not accomplish without the tireless efforts of attorneys, adoption agencies, adoption professionals, child advocates and members of the public, who work year after year to make National Adoption Day a very special day for these families and their children," said Presiding Juvenile Judge Timothy J. Ryan in a release.

It's a moment of celebration.

At the adoption event, there will be entertaining activities including; face painting, inflatable bouncy houses, superhero characters, games for kids, photos of the newly established families and more.

The public is invited to attend from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.

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