PHOENIX — The monsoon season brings wind, rain, flooding, dust and some very serious insurance claims for many people in Arizona. The season, which officially begins June 15th can also help induce labor for some full term expecting mothers.

"Talk to enough labor nurses, and they're going to tell you monsoon season, the storms are going to set them up for a busy shift," says Christina Cunningham, the RN Manager at banner Del Webb. 

The drop in barometric pressure associated with monsoon storms might play a role in the phenomenon which doesn't yet have the backing of full medical study.

"It's mostly anecdotal now, but recent research has shown a correlation between spontaneous rupture or your water breaking and a rapid decrease in barometric pressure," Cunningham says.

Cunningham tells 12 News that Banner Del Webb is expecting to deliver 190 babies this month, which is roughly 40 more than last month. The guess is based on numbers from years past which supports the monsoon theory.