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Monopoly is making a Scottsdale edition. Which landmarks should be included?

Makers of the classic board game wants Scottsdale residents to submit ideas on which local properties should be included in the new edition of Monopoly.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Taliesin West or Camelback Inn could potentially be up for sale soon -- not in the real world, but in the emblematic world that's made possible by one of America's favorite board games. 

Hasbro and Top Trumps USA are creating a new edition of Monopoly that will take place in the city of Scottsdale.  

The classic game that teaches all the fundamentals of competitive capitalism will replace its famous Boardwalk and Atlantic City squares and replace them with local landmarks recognizable to inhabitants of "The West's Most Western Town." 

To ensure this edition of Monopoly accurately represents the city, creators are accepting ideas from Scottsdale residents on which locations should be included on the game board. 

“From bustling nightlife to legendary art galleries and everything in between, we are excited to create an accurate portrayal of what the Valley and visitors love about Scottsdale,” said Katie Hubbard, a representative of Top Trumps USA.

Monopoly Scottsdale is expected to debut in January 2023 and will be available to buy online or in stores.

Public submissions and business inquiries can be sent to scottsdale@toptrumps.com for consideration.

Parker Brothers released its first version of the Monopoly game back in the 1930s and it has since been redeveloped into a countless number of editions.

Monopoly has previously created an Arizona edition of the game that included notable landmarks like the Colorado River, Hoover Dam, and Lake Powell.

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