PHOENIX — A woman came back after a run on near North Mountain Visitor's Center to her car window broken and about a $1,000 spent on her credit cards. 

Janet Yeow went running at the Phoenix Mountain Preserve Sunday around 12:15 p.m. She left her purse hidden in her car, but someone broke her window and stole it. 

"You feel violated, you know? It's a place that you think was a secure, comfortable place that you go to, broad daylight with 30 cars in the parking lot, right? You don't expect things like that to happen," Yeow said. 

Before she was even done with her run, whoever stole her purse was already on a spending spree down Glendale Avenue. 

Yeow said the first purchase was made at 1:03 p.m at the Walgreens at 7th Street for $500. Then almost $70 was spent at the Fry's gas station at 19th Avenue, and $150 inside the Fry's store. More than $300 was also spent at the Walgreen's at 27th Avenue. "Within an hour that was about $1,000 of charges on my card," Yeow said. 

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Another charge was also made to DoorDash, and they tried to write and deposit a check. 

"Once they charged it, it's done, right? You can't get it back," Yeow said. 

What bothers Yeow though is the thought that whoever did this might have actually been watching her, waiting for the right time to break-in. 

"I think somebody was probably parked here surveilling the parking lot, because they must have seen me come in and you know they must have seen me go to the passenger seat, to, you know, do my stuff, right, and get out of the car," Yeow said. 

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It's leaving her questioning what running at North Mountain will look like in the future, hoping whoever took her things and spent her money is caught.

"It still feels very scary because you don't know who's out there watching, right? And you don't know what could happen," Yeow said.

With more people hitting the trails to hike and run, police say you should try to avoid keeping valuables inside your vehicle, or at least make sure they're locked away in a glove compartment.