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Mock plane crash helps high school students prepare for medical careers

The Glendale Fire Department, Air Evac and physicians assistants in training from Midwestern University helped the students treat the "victims."

GLENDALE, Ariz — High school students interested in medical careers got hands-on experience as they trained for a major medical disaster at Mountain Ridge High School Friday.

The scenario "landing" on their football field was a mock airline crash to give the medical science and bio-medical students a taste of what it would be like to be a first responder.

A total of 70 Mountain Ridge High School theater students were decked out in life-like special effects makeup to make the students look like they had severe burns, bruises, cuts, puncture wounds and more.

"We act, we build characters, some people have allergies," Mountain Ridge High School senior Zach Pytel said.

Medical science and bio-medical students treat the "victims" with some assistance from professionals with Glendale Fire Department, Air Evac and physicians assistants in training from Midwestern University.

"It's putting under pressure which kind of changes the whole atmosphere and if you think you know something and a patient's screaming, it changes everything."

They've learned skills in the classroom, but now they're testing their knowledge to get the "victims" treatment.

"They've been taught how to triage, assess vitals, determine severity as to who's a priority and who's not," said Kim Rodgers, bio-medical sciences teacher at Mountain Ridge High School.

Many of the students are considering careers in the medical field. Junior Anna Hanson is thinking about becoming a paramedic.

"They get to help a person right away and make sure they get to an actual surgeon so they can get the full help they need," Hanson said.

With no actual lives on the line, it's a first step as the 100 students explore what could lead to a life-saving career.


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