The Mesa Police Department on Monday fired Officer Phillip Brailsford, who was involved in a fatal on-duty shooting at a motel in January.

Daniel Shaver was killed in the incident at the La Quinta Inn.

According to a news release from Mesa Police, "Brailsford's termination notice was completed today and is effective immediately."

He has 15 days to appeal his termination.

Brailsford was charged with second-degree murder in connection with the shooting. He pleaded not guilty to the charge on March 15.

In response, the Mesa Police Association released the following statement:

"We’re disappointed the City of Mesa interfered with Officer Mitch Brailsford’s due process and allowed this case to be tried in the court of public opinion before being heard in the court of law.

"The fact is that a 25-year-old military veteran and good-standing officer was confronted with the worst case scenario for every officer on the street today. He is facing second-degree murder charges and as an American, he is entitled to due process.

"Neither a Judge nor Grand Jury has determined probable cause exists in this case. Firing him prior to a preliminary hearing by a judge quite likely hurt his chances of receiving a fair trial. That is simply wrong.

"We are hopeful that as this process continues, it will be clear that Officer Brailsford responded reasonably and within the law during that critical incident. In this scenario, the city may be liable for its hasty and incorrect decision. This is disappointing.

"Officer Brailsford has the full support of the Mesa Police Association."