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Mesa girl waiting for new heart after beating cancer

Macie, 11, won't let this health setback get her down.

PHOENIX — Rocking out to her favorite tunes from her hospital bed, Macie Schnepf just makes the best of every situation.

“I just like to listen to my music, and it helps me calm down,” said Macie Schnepf.

The girl with the big smile is undoubtedly a fighter. Three years ago she was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma cancer that struck her leg.

“It basically ate away her fibula bone. It disintegrated it,” said Sarah Schnepf, Macie’s mother.

Macie beat it and a year later and learned to walk again. She even got back to her love of swimming and even swam with Olympic legend Michael Phelps.

“He’s super nice and really tall in person,” said Macie.

Unfortunately, Macie is at Phoenix Children’s Hospital waiting for a new heart. The chemo that helped beat her cancer scarred her heart to the point she needs a new one. She’s not letting this setback get her down while she awaits a heart transplant.

“It’s just no fun to be sad and scared all the time. So, I know I can be happy and say all my prayers,” said Macie.

She looks to her spirit animal: the sea turtle to help her through life’s challenges.

“I know they take it slow and glide through everything and I find it true for this journey,” said Macie.“We don’t pick our hand. We just pick how we get through it.”

Relatives have set up a GoFundMe account to help with medical expenses.